Wave Concierge Membership

$4,000 Billed Annually or Payment Plans Available
  • Discounts for couples, spouses, and families
  • Payment Plans for all budgets available
  • Personal Doctor's Cellular Number for Direct Access
  • Instant Communication via Direct SMS
  • Priority Same or Next Day Appointments in Our Luxurious Office
  • Immediate In-House Imaging Services (X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI) for Your Convenience
  • Dedicated Concierge Liaison for Personalized, White-Glove Assistance
  • Comprehensive Annual Concierge Physicals in a Private, Upscale Setting
  • Seamless Coordination with Top Specialists for All Appointments
  • Enhanced Office Hours to Suit Your Busy Lifestyle
  • Exclusive Doctor's Supervision During Hospital Stays, with NP or MD Visits
  • Direct Admission to DMC Hospital (Bypassing ER) When Possible
  • Admitted under Doctor's service while hospitalized, NP or MD visit
  • Four Complimentary IV Vitamin Infusions Annually for Optimal Health
  • Four Complimentary Aesthetic Facials Annually for a Radiant Appearance
  • Nurse Practitioner House or Office Calls as Needed for Your Convenience
  • Medical Assistant Available for Blood Draws at Your Office or Home, Upon Request
  • Personalized Weight Loss Management Programs
  • Weekend Urgent Care Services Available in Our Prestigious Office

Wave Executive Membership

$12,000 Billed Annually or Payment Plans Available
  • Everything already in Wave Concierge Plan Included
  • Plus In-Home Diagnostics Included
  • Plus House Calls from Doctor and Staff Included
  • Everything Done in Residence at Your Request

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Welcome to a new era in healthcare — where personalized attention, convenience, and your well-being take center stage. Join us on a journey towards optimal health, redefining the way you experience care. Your health, your way, with our concierge service. Because you deserve nothing less. Reach out today to be connected to an elite concierge doctor in our network.